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Fleur Alys Dobbins

Thy life's a miracle.

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New York, Dates coming soon!
Song Writing from Personal Experience   -  We'll start off by asking "When did everything change?" I'll share with you my process of writing Hushabye over 10 years and the incremental steps as I jumped down the rabbit hole of writing not only my point of view but those who saw things in my story a much different way. Step into the skin of all the players in your story in a safe and loving environment and journey into freedom by homing in on the truth adding up all sides of the equation. This workshop will not only involve writing but sharing and a few fun surprises to get the juices flowing. As always we will use God's truth as our spiritual weapon against any lies we may try to tell ourselves about our identity in the process.

William Shakespeare

Fan into flame the gifts of God which is in you.

Inspiring you to lovingly live your truest self.

2 Timothy 1

You are to be loved.