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William Shakespeare

Inspiring you to lovingly live your truest self.

2 Timothy 1

Fleur Alys Dobbins

Thy life's a miracle.

Fan into flame the gifts of God which is in you.

Live Workshop (NY, NY - October 22nd 7p-9p)
Integrating your Faith and Values in Career. This is a "hands on" workshop where we will dig in to the every day dilemmas of living the truth of who you are backed by your core values. We will uncover and extinguish the lies you are telling yourself. You will leave with your own "toolbox" to forge ahead courageously and lovingly without sacrificing self worth. If you are feeling the struggle between what your soul is telling you and what the world wants you to believe to get ahead then this workshop is for you. Bring a journal and your favorite pen. Registration closes 10/18. (See events page to register.)

You are to be loved.