Fleur Alys Dobbins


Everything changed when my mother sat me down at the kitchen table and told me that my eldest sister was, in fact, my mother. And that she, my "mother," was biologically speaking, my grandmother. I was 9. And then ... silence. For  1...2... 7...14 and on, years. There were titters and whispers of movement here and there but it wasn't until 2008 when I began to write and composing my unique story by asking questions -  that answers began to surface. 10 years later the writing has culminated into a full length rock opera called Hushabye. In that time the valleys were desperate and deep but the mountains included miracles of physical, financial, and spiritual healing, multiple opportunities for forgiveness... and the most unexpected reuniting of my first love after a 28 year silence culminating in marriage. Peter and I have now been married for 4 years. Grace upon grace....


I'm here to keep your hope alive by assisting you in shamelessly telling the truth and to never for one second hide that beautiful beacon of light that you were created to be under even the tiniest shadow of a bushel. I'll help you speak it, write it down, paint it, sing it, speak it or simply live it. But to express it authentically, especially the scary bits, to walk with you in the valley, to exalt with you on the mountain, and to remind you that you were fearlessly and wonderfully made, regardless of your circumstances of birth, and that you are to be loved.


I know what it is to be afraid of exposure because of your past, being a creative career woman and hiding in plain sight, experiencing conversion and losing friends over it, marrying late in life when I thought that would never happen, and being blessed with life renewed in strength and courage by the grace of God.


Tell the truth. Stop hiding. Lovingly express your truest self to yourself first and then to your neighbor. Ask for help. Ask and extend forgiveness. Pray. Give thanks. Experience freedom and grace. Give all the glory to God.


My upbringing was one of subterfuge, violation, shame and hiding. I've experienced what it means to journey into freedom from those bonds. My healing journey came through gifts of God: forgiveness, salvation, self-expression, music, writing, communicating, mentoring others, a lot of humor, and above all: miracles of grace.


BFA Southern Methodist University specialization acting; Professional actor and writer, Certificate specialization in Shakespeare from the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art; Performance coach for vocalists, Acting coach and director. Associate Artistic Director of the Storm Theatre Company (dedicated to making the world more beautiful, one play at a time.) Certified early childhood music educator, teacher mentor & trainer; Private mentor for those in states of vulnerability and transition; Charisms of inspiration, mentorship, humor, intuition, working with children, and teaching. Professional acting credits can be found on Actors Access.


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