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Fleur Alys Dobbins


Song Writing from the Soul

Songwriting can be a soul-searching and deeply gratifying creative experience breaking the chains of what may be binding you to past or present events holding you hostage; blinding you to the beautiful truth of who you are. Music is a powerful tool in the creative and healing process. Music holds intimate compartments in our lives. And when we write the words to our own song that is poignantly validating those compartments, magic happens. All are welcome, no experience necessary!

After spending 10+ years writing and composing her rock opera, Hushabye, about her childhood, Fleur Alys Dobbins experienced, through the process of songwriting, healing, freedom, forgiveness and gratitude. In this fun workshop we'll zero in on your truest topic of the moment and look it from all facets. You'll also learn tips and tricks to journey from words to the tune (not necessarily in that order). $30.00