Fleur Alys Dobbins

Those who have worked with and been coached by Fleur say... the short time I have been working with her, I've stumbled upon some really profound truths...and I see where I need to go. It is obvious Fleur has dug deep into what blocks the creative spirit and offers concrete suggestions and exercises to get you out of your head and into God's plan. Her humor and warmth instantly put you at ease. And while her humor carries throughout the session, she knows the seriousness (and stubbornness) to these creative/emotional/spiritual blocks. She shares some of her own experiences which shows she's not just talking the talk but walking the darn walk too!  Thank you, Fleur, for your wise and guiding hand. - Sue J. - Spiritual Direction Client

My experience working with Fleur was one of pure joy. She is a consumate professional, bringing her experience and enthusiasm to each project. Fleur recorded some of the earliest demo's for my musical Sweet Potato Queens! She brought the lead character to life, infusing her with her own light. I am grateful to have worked with this stunning songbird. Thank you Fleur! Grammy Award winner, Melissa Manchester

Fleur Alys Dobbins is a performer I have known for many years. She is immensely talented, intuitive, kind and smart. Her vast amount of knowledge and versatility makes her an ideal teacher for young people interested in performing. - Stephanie Klapper, Casting Director

You simply are the reason why Maya and I attended for so long. You are a true teacher in every way and your passion and enthusiasm for music shines effortlessly through in your music and your method. - Robyn, Mom of Maya

I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with Fleur for over a decade. Longer if you consider our mutual history. We were trained at the same theater school. By the same teachers.

Fleur and I had extensive training in everything from Stanislavsky-based acting techniques to mime, movement, and comedy improvisation. We had a rich academic background in theater history and dramatic literature.

In Los Angeles, Fleur and I acted together. She was one of those people that when you saw she was in your play you knew it would a success. She tackled every acting challenge with heart, soul, and intelligence. She is the consummate professional. One of my regrets is that I was never in a musical with her. Fleur can stop any show with a song, and when I directed her, I used her beautiful voice whenever I could.

Working with Fleur will always change you for the better. Whenever we were on stage together I remembered the joy I had when I first went into theater. When you work with Fleur you are always entering a world of professionalism and the positive spirit of creativity.
Stephen Tobolowsky, Actor, Writer, Musician

Fleur is one of a kind; compassionately insightful, gets your essence right away and trusts her insight from the immediate connection you will feel with her. Add to that a wonderfully humorous and downright silly appreciation for this human condition, you won’t want to be in anyone else’s hands! - Josie DiVincenzo, Actress, Acting Coach

I have known Fleur for several years and have been and continue to be inspired by her authenticity, heart and dedication to help those around her find truth. - Alexis Hall, Early Childhood Music Specialist & Children's Minister

It is the fortunate person of any age who gets to work with Fleur Alys Dobbins wearing any one of her many professional hats, among them singer, composer, actor, and teacher. Her love and mastery of her art and craft, and her enthusiasm in sharing it with her colleagues and students, is inspiring and contagious. I’ve had the pleasure of working extensively with Fleur on numerous projects in the recording studio and on stage in Los Angeles and New York, and it’s a joy to collaborate with her and to be around such a talented, creative, energetic force of nature! -
Doug Walter, composer/arranger/conductor/performer

Fleur has starred in two of my plays. She is one of the most talented actresses I have ever known and a born teacher. It would be a great privilege for anyone to study with her.
Jonathan Leaf, Playwright

Fleur has performed the role of Sarah in my piece, LOVE SONGS-A Musical, in many of its incarnations helping to bring it to fruition and to the New York stage.  Moreover, in developing the character during the journey she touched emotions in Sarah that were revelations to our directors and, in fact, me.  My music has never been more lovingly sung nor have my words been more sensitively and intelligently expressed.  Lucky will be anyone with whom she shares her gifts.- Steven Cagan, Composer