This is but a Season
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This is but a Season

This article was originally published on the Look Up Music & Creative Arts Blog.

Walking 100 paces to my mailbox in the early evening, tired and in danger of succumbing to a mini burnout it occurs to me quite clearly and with a sense of immediacy:

This is but a Season.

“Aaaaand, snap! The job’s a game!” (It’s very hard for me not to continue the song but just know I am on full blown Broadway belt right now in my heart: “juuuust a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down… the medicine go dooowwwn….”)

You’re singing it now, aren’t you…

Well, I hope you are! Because I seriously consider a large portion of my job and calling to be Encouragement – (yes, with a capital “E”.)

Back to the Season. When I heard it loud and clear, “this is but a season,” my shoulders dropped and my heart softened. Indeed, my heart softened toward myself. I needed that. I needed that reminder. In essence, this, too, shall pass. Whatever “it” is… because all of “it” is fleeting.

This was a clear reminder to Look Up. (Again, capitalized for emphasis. Slight digression: Did you know, writers used to capitalize words in merry old England times when they really wanted to emphasize a point? I really think we should still do that.)

Tis, but a Season, my Dear. This is but a Season… this 2020, this Quarantine, this election year, change after change after change.

So let your heart soften. Let it be turned by God from stone to flesh and then be encouraged. Because, where ever you may be, you Were made for such a time as This. And that Is a paraphrase from our Dear Esther (4:14).

I encourage you today to think on this: “Is this but a Season I am in?” (Aren’t they all?)

Then take a deep breath and, yes, Look Up for your answer.

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