Big Decision
Spiritual Direction

Consider This Before You Make That Big Decision

Consider This Before You Make That Decision

I’ll get to the point, Friend. Consider this before you make that big decision. Before you make that commitment, please consider the season you are in. Take note, and speak to yourself as you would your dearest and best beloved friend.

Can you handle, just for now, what it is you are demanding of yourself in this decision?

Can your close knit loved ones handle what you mean to do in this decision?

If the answer is yes, that’s great. Full steam ahead!


But Upon Hesitation, Consider…

Did you hesitate, upon a quick mental inventory, when you considered:

  • I am a 24/7 caretaker right now
  • Someone I love just left me (passed away, broke my heart, betrayed me)
  • I just had a baby
  • I just moved
  • I just started a new job
  • I just got diagnosed
  • I just got fired
  • My husband, wife, mate, friend is going through something like the above and needs some extra help

There are more possibilities. You know what yours is. 


How To Know What to Listen to….

The spirit, the Light, within you does not speak condemning thoughts to you. Learn how to discern your thoughts and what or Who is speaking those thoughts.

Here’s a quick exercise: Say to yourself “Wait, a minute. Who told me that?” In other words, consider with weight, the source of your inner conversation.

Perhaps you can move forward with this grand plan of yours, but you need to sip, not gulp.

Perhaps you can move forward… later.


What’s the Point in Waiting?

Are you in a season of waiting? There is oftentimes great wisdom in the waiting. 

What can you prepare, learn, unlearn, heal while you wait for the moment that your Spirit within says, “Now, go.”?

There is a difference between what you may think is merely making excuses versus using wisdom in decision making. Sometimes your inner wisdom will excuse you from participation in something that does not align with the season of life you are in right now.


When the Timing is Utterly Untimely

Sometimes realizing that what you want (or wanted) is simply, utterly untimely can be the cause of a great disappointment in your life. If this is you, my heart knows you well.

Feeling like you must marinate in the seemingly unfairness of your desire not meeting the clock can be powerfully heart breaking. 

But if you’re not aware that seasons change, you might be tempted to camp out in the disappointment. Friend, don’t fall for it!


Be Encouraged

Be encouraged! You are not meant to camp out in the disappointment. It is only because you cannot see, yet, that what God has planned for you, nothing can thwart.  And because there is no good apart from God, it will be bigger and greater than anything you can imagine, have seen, or heard.

I’m excited for you. I can’t wait to hear your experience in the comments below.


Fleur Alys Dobbins is a creativity coach and spiritual director. For more inspiration, read the Hushabye Blog. Follow stories on Instagram.