The Gift of Dreaming
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The Gift of Dreaming – Peering Beyond The Veil

Welcome to part two of my blog on the gift of dreaming. If you haven’t yet, take a gander at part one here. Though you don’t need to read that to enjoy what’s below. Let’s peer beyond the veil into the world of wonder.

Peering Beyond The Veil and Visitation Dreams

I have had just about every kind of dream I can think of: teaching dreams, warning dreams, encouraging and confirming dreams, prophetic dreams, and yes, a few visitations from those who have long passed on. Those are wild. They blow me away every time. They can also be painful when you wake up and remember that person is no longer a phone call away. I have also had visitation dreams giving me information I could not confirm until sharing it with the intended party.

When I was in High School, I began to have dreams that were of a much more “peering beyond the veil” type. When my father died, I would have dreams about it, conversations with him, visits where we’d be talking intently yet casually. But then suddenly, lucidly,  I’d realize “I AM TALKING TO MY DEAD FATHER IN MY GREAT GRANDMOTHER’S BACKYARD!”

And then wake up. (That was always a bummer.)

After Mom died, I had a dream I was holding her in a beautiful but antiquated music room. Some people were playing the ukulele and singing very loudly these exact lyrics with a specific melody:

When hope is surrounding me

Bound for eternity

I know that I will not fear

Oh, I will not fear

(The Dream Songwriters)

The angels were singing the truth to me about Mom. Upon awakening I knew she would be – was – ok, and I did not need to fear. I had also been given the gift of holding her one more time. And, of course, that special specific message. (I went on to write the entire song.)

I have had dreams that were not about me but intended for a friend. In these dreams were people I didn’t know, but when described I was told they were family members of the intended.

God will use your gift of dreaming for healing purposes, for yourself or as in the case above for someone else, using you as the messenger. Be obedient, but always pray on it first. (Ancient adages of messengers getting killed or shot come to mind.) Timing (salted with much love) is everything.

Scientific Reasons – It’s Just My Brain

As you read, you may think of all the scientific reasons why dreams like this are just the brain working out grief. Some are like that. Many are like that. Many are both. Interesting how God can accompany you in your grief by simply allowing you to have a nice chat one more time with the one you love that left too soon. That’s not science to me. That’s love. And mercy.

Remembering Dreams From Years Ago – Pay Attention!

I have journals and journals of dreams. I have read dreams from years ago that only now make sense. I have also been reminded of past dreams just when I need it. Hint: When you remember a dream out of the blue – pay attention. It is bubbling to the surface for a reason. Mirror it directly to what is currently happening in your life.

How Do You Know You Have The Gift of Dreaming?

How Do You Know You Have the Gift of Dreaming? Or any other gift for that matter. I’ll make it easy. It’s that something that – you didn’t do anything to gain it. It’s just there. It’s always been there. Can’t explain it. You were just always a good teacher, a person who cheered people, a leader. Listen to your friends. They’ll tell you. “You are such a good [fill in the blank].”  “I really admire that way you are able to [fill in the blank]. That’s what it looks and sounds like. Are people always trying to tell you their dreams? You may have the gift of interpretation.

Prophetic Dreams

I was in a dark room where it was raining. I was off in some closet with no door when a bright shaft of light broke through from the sky directly onto me. Only me. As if a lighting designer had arranged all the shutters on the light for a perfect block.

During the time of the dream, I probably hoped it meant I’d be on Broadway or some other puffed up old “make me a star” wish.  Years later, I was reminded of this dream, close to the time of my conversion. In hindsight, I know it was a message. A calling. The dream was prophetic. The memory of the dream was confirmation.

Understanding Your Ability

Once I began to understand that my ability to dream and interpret could be (should be) used for so much more than “working out” the logistics and happenings of the day in my sleep, not only did my dreams intensify, but my desire to use my other giftings (encouragement, teaching, storytelling) intensified, and my sense of purpose and desire to give back in the unique way that I could – caught fire.

Lift up your gift of dreaming! (All of your gifts!) It is a calling designed for you that must be embraced. Who knows what doors will unlock for you or someone else because you said Yes!

Check back for more on this topic! Are you a dreamer? What have you learned about your gift of dreaming? Let me know in the comments.

I am currently writing a book on Dreams as a gifting from God. Unlike glossaries of what it means to dream you lost your teeth, were flying, or found yourself on a toilet with no door. (Come on, we’ve all dreamed at least one of these), it is a book about dreaming as a gift that was given to you on purpose.