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When Your Creepy Dream Freaks You Out

It’s nice to have dreams that are easy to decipher, bring you good news, or even when you get to visit with a loved one that has long passed away. But then there are the others. Those creepy dreams that freak you out. And worse, seem to have no reason or message. They just leave you with the heebie jeebies until you can let it wear off. Ew! What are you supposed to do with these ambiguous dreams that don’t seem to have a direct message but leave you feeling like you just bathed in mud?

The Good News About That Creepy Dream

If you believe in God and that there is no good apart from Him, then this will speak to you. Sometimes a creepy dream is just that. Creepy. It wigs you out, making you want to forget it as soon as possible. And I have done this unregrettably. But on further thought, I realized that these creepy dreams that arrive like the dead bird on your doorstep your cat thought was a nice gift, were still permitted by our Good God. So what’s up with that? In these cases you can take a deeper dive, knowing that there may be a kernel of truth in there that could pop some goodness into your life.

Should You Pay Attention to That Creepy Dream?

I had a dream that a deceased family member called me on the phone. I asked “Where are you?” The answer? “Yes.” I asked further questions like “Is it winter?” (Because apparently that’s what you ask of a dead person in your dream.) And again the answer was incongruous and nonsensical.

On paper this sounds innocent enough but the dream left me feeling like spending the rest of the day under the covers. Mostly because the person’s dead. And I, in the dream, knew this. So I woke with that squeamish sensation. The answers made no sense and the communication was “off” to say the least. Everything was out of order.

I knew I should get up and write it down. But all I wanted to do was forget it and get past the creep-chill of it all. But it was one of those dreams that wouldn’t let me go, so I wrote down as much as I could remember. So when the dream won’t let you go. Then attention must be paid.

How a Creepy Dream Can Work For You

I knew that the dream was “permitted”, as all dreams are, (even the nightmares) for good reason. But figuring that out was the game at play. Based on my relationship with this family member, I concluded that we still had some unfinished business that required prayer on my part and some forgiveness. I would also intercede. For what? It doesn’t matter. The pouring forth of your heart for the benefit of another soul needs no reason. The Holy Spirit will take care of it.

There’s Goodness in a Creepy Dream?

There can be, yes! Once you turn it on it’s head and take some authority over it. You don’t belong to the dream. It belongs to you. And there you have the goodness of the creepy dream. Could I have just as easily had a dream where the arrival of the “dead” happens in a soft light with a sound bubble that said, “Pray for me”? Sure. But that’s not how dreams work. Dreams are puzzles. Often with one or a few pieces, or (sigh) many pieces missing. Dreams convey on a very personal level what needs to be understood beneath the words. It is unlikely you’ll soon forget the creepy nature and feel of the dream. That’s for a reason. For good reason. For your growth. So that you make wake up to what is asleep in your life.

Your Dream Belongs to You

Sometimes you’ll just want to jog off that dream and get on with your day. I have done this before. But, Friend, if your spirit is asking something of you and communicating this message to your in your dreams, the messaging will continue until you pay attention. Especially if you are gifted in this area. Not liking the dreams? Ask for protection. Ask for another way of messaging that’s not so scary. Your spirit within can work with that!

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