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A New Thing!

Happy New Year!

I pray you are filled with abundant inspiration backed up by an infinite ocean of God’s mercy and love this day and EVERY day of this year 2024. True, it seems each new year for the past four (or so) we’ve been quite “surprised” by the world and what its offerings have been. Regardless, you are not alone and never will be.

You are loved and were created because of LOVE.

Take that truth into the new year.

Also… “The heart of man plans his way, but the LORD establishes his steps.” So you go ahead and make some plans, (yes, I know… watch God laugh…we all know the joke), but it’s good to make some plans… then allow God to give you each step… He establishes them. That’s good news. You have a partner.

I have some new ideas also of how I want to walk with you for the first month or so of this new year. Stay tuned.

Oh isn’t life a wonderful gift to live? So LIVE! LIVE! LIVE!

And a Happy New Year to you!

Love, Fleur

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