A Little Bit About Me


My theatre, film and TV credits are here and here. I am the Associate Artistic Director of the Storm Theatre Company. Over 30 years experience acting with a BFA from Southern Methodist University and Certificate of Study in Acting Shakespeare from the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art. 

Teaching background: I have a long history as vocalist and coach, teaching youth to young adults acting, improv, and voice as well as over twelve years working as a certified early childhood music educator as well as a teacher’s teacher.

*For a full list of professional credits download my resume here. 

Writer, Playwright & Composer

Hushabye – I have written the libretto and am composing a sung-thru musical, Hushabye based on the one lie that I was told as a young that would change everything – forever. Hushabye was preceded by my one woman show, Who’s My Girl.

Home is a full length play about a family traversing the landscape of their mother’s descent into Alzheimer’s, based on the story of my grandmother which has had readings in NYC You can read more about this experience starting here.

The Light of Kyle is a children’s short story for adults about a little boy who is ill, then dies, then goes on a great adventure… finding out what it is to truly live.

This Blog: I have written about dreams, dream interpretation, and giving you fun ways of figuring out what they mean. Do you dream? I’d love to hear about it!

Little Yellow BirdRead my episodic articles of how I had to leave the business of acting for minute, figure out how to get my massive fibroids healed, and set my sights on re-entry…to just about everything. Experience my crazy unexpected miracles that happened on the way!

The truth is at her best knowing/ The truth, she knows you most of all and never will yield/ The truth, she knows a fool and her gold/ The truth, she holds you the tightest when she isn’t told.

Fleur Alys Dobbins, Hushabye the Musical