Author: Fleur Alys Dobbins

Actor | Singer | Writer | Composer
Spiritual Direction, Writing

A Four Letter Word You Should Know

Reading Time: 5 minutes Jana and Paul are like many “folk” that I meet wandering through the museum in a small town in Texas. They are Texans (mostly but not always), they are good and kind and well-mannered. They say things like please and thank you always suffixed by “Ma’am”. They tell stories that are simple, maybe even a little uninteresting, but important. They are unapologetic to do so because it never occurs to them they wouldn’t tell their story.

Spiritual Direction, Writing

My Dog Ate My Blog

Reading Time: 8 minutes We have a puppy now. He’s six months old. He’s a cute little tyrant and oh, we love him so! He just had his first training session. The trainer said he’s a nice little fellow who likes to throw tantrums when you ask him to do something he doesn’t want to do. The first time he attempted his signature “bronco” move on the leash, she looked down, gave a swift tug to his collar and

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