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Look Up! Music & Creative Arts Launched!

Launched in June of 2020: Look Up! Music & Creative Arts for all ages (infants to seniors). Classes in Arts Integration (the kind of acting classes that help with everyday living) and early childhood (family) music education. Homeschool Mom and Teacher coaching in Theatre and Music Arts Integration. All classes via Zoom. Upcoming classes:

Look Up and Coming Family classes:

  • Infant Classes: (Music and Creative Play)
  • Toddler: (Music and Creative Play)
  • Ages 3-4: (Music and Creative Play)
Look Up and Coming Youth Classes:
  • Ages 5-7: (Music & Creative Comedics & Dramatics)
  • Ages 7 and up (Improv, Musical Theatre, Arts Integration Acting classes, Performance Coaching, Private Voice and Acting lessons.)
Look Up and Coming Adult Classes:
  • Musical Movement for non-dancers & “use to be” dancers
  • *Seniors Looking Up: Musical Movement
Support for Looking Up:
  • Spiritual Direction
  • Parenting Support
  • Spiritual Support for Single Motherhood
Families with children who have special needs are encouraged to call for more information. Children’s therapists helping to navigate the challenges of Autism or ADHD are encouraged and welcome to attend class. 
*Senior = 65 and Looking Up

Contact Fleur Dobbins for more information on homeschool coaching, teacher coaching, class enrollment.