Fleur is a playwright, composer and fiction writer. Below are some current projects.

Picture of Home graphic.

Home, a dramedy, spans the six months before the passing of Maryrose from summer through Christmastime. Act one occurs in Maryrose’s own home as negotiations are managed, decisions are made, and realities are intensified. Act two takes place in an altogether foreign place, the Home;  another paradigm with new helpers, much needed wisdom, unexpected arrivals… and one conversion no one saw coming. Before the passing of Maryrose, what has long been in the dark will explode into a miracle of light. Home contemplates where, and what, “home” really is and if it is ever too late to find it. Home is a full length play with 10 characters (7 women and 3 men). 

Home recently had a workshop reading in New York City and is available for festivals and production.

Picture of a boy floating in bursts of light

The Light of Kyle is a children’s story for the whole family that explores the journey a young boy takes after dying. The story opens with Kyle’s family—Mommy, Daddy, sister Marley, and Grammie and Granpy—surrounding Kyle’s bed and offering him comfort and love. They know his time is near; Kyle knows it, too.

Kyle is a holy innocent eight-year-old boy who loves his great grandfather’s record player and classical music. There’s just one problem. Kyle is dying. Go on a journey with Kyle as he dies, dreams, wakes and…lives. But what will happen to Mommy without him?


“I love “The Light of Kyle”!  What a beautiful story of the veil being lifted!  You captured the bliss of life from an eternal perspective; extremely difficult to do and seldom attempted. 

I hope “The Light of Kyle” will reach the lives of those suffering the loss of a loved one. Grieving can be a gateway to knowing God better.  I know it was for me.  Those in bereavement groups and anyone in circumstances of loss would benefit greatly from your story as it provides such enormous consolation. 

Those who have had experiences of loved ones reaching them through various signs and communications will appreciate your beautiful ending of the miracle between Kyle and his mother.

Your story filled me with so much hope and joy for our eternal home!”
(Christa M. – reading specialist)

Hushabye graphic

Hushabye sings the story of four women through three generations. Margaret has two daughters: Margie and Marie. When Margie, on the latter end of her teens, finds herself pregnant in 1969, Margaret takes over everything – with one firm lie. But when Marie finds herself in the same predicament, Margaret makes a choice that might be unforgivable.

Hushabye, (loosely based on Fleur’s grandmother) is currently in development and has had multiple libretto readings in NYC. The musical is fully composed and is being notated.

Hushabye is a full length sung-thru musical with 6 women and 2 men.

Who's My Girl Graphic

Who’s My Girl, written and composed by Fleur Alys Dobbins, is an autobiographical storytelling musical. Fleur is searching for her true identity, navigating through the men who all have a claim on the role of father in her life; a grandfather, a stepfather, an outlier…and one surprise – who would change everything. One small lie sets her on a trajectory questioning “Who’s my dad?” while yet another unknown heart quietly cried, “Who’s my girl…?”

Who’s My Girl is available for production.

“How does the needle know to move inward? Why did it not just fall backward off the edge? Why doesn’t it remain in one place forever as the record circles itself endlessly, twirling and twirling? He thought some more. How does the needle know to move to the center?Something must be pulling it, he thought. It was the only answer that satisfied – that something must be pulling it. It would have to do because, well, Kyle had little time.” – from The Light of Kyle